Garden Trends at Sunset Magazine’s Celebration Weekend

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Quite a crowd at Sunset’s Weekend Celebration


A couple weeks ago I went to Sunset Magazine’s “Make It Your Own Celebration Weekend” in Menlo Park, CA. It was an absolutes blast– I highly recommend attending next year if you live in the area.
There was so much to see and do: Rick Bayless cooked up a storm on the Ikea Stage, Berkeleyites shared tips for raising chickens in your backyard, HyBrid Architechture gave a tour of their shipping container home, and of course– gardeners drooled over the beautiful landscaping around every corner. It was borderline visual overload, but a couple of garden trends definitely stood out:


1. Succulents
Succulents are also known as “fat plants” and are water-retaining plants that have adapted to arid climates (like deserts). They retain water in their leaves, stems, bulbs and roots– giving them a fleshy and swollen appearance. The best known succulents are cacti, though there are many non-cacti succulents too.

Clever use of succulents, down the center of table.


Why succulents are so great: They require very little water– making them eco-friendly, sustainable and cheap to maintain! Another plus is that they have short roots and require almost no soil, which is why people are putting succulents everywhere: on walls, on hanging orbs as decoration — even through the middle of tables. Not to mention, they come in beautiful mellow colors such a light turquoise, pinkish-burgundy and.. you get the idea. Just look at the photos:

Chicken coup with a green roof


2.  Green Roofs
Sometimes involving succulents, I also spotted tons of green roofs at the Sunset party. Green roofs are roofs with vegetation growing on top — most commonly grasses, succulents and sometimes even trees. The green roofs on display at the Sunset party were the roofs to chicken coups and outdoor dog houses– a pretty brilliant idea in my opinion.
Why live roofs are great: They keep the building watertight, and they insulate. They’re great for your home because they can save you tons on heating and air conditioning, not to mention roof leaks. And they’re good for your chicken and dogs’ dwellings because they’ll keep them warm and dry. Another plus is that they’re pretty to look at! Why look at a boring shingled or metal roof when you can look at a bed of plants?

Have you spotted any trends in gardening lately? Do share!

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