What’s Your Style?: Formal Gardens

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As part of our ‘What’s Your Style?’ garden series, we’ve covered Cottage and Asian style gardens. Today we’re going to talk about Formal Gardens to see if this is the style for you.

The Formal Garden at Hampton Court. Via thewayofbeauty.org


All About the Formal Garden

The Formal Garden is very neat and orderly. It’s based on strong geometric shapes and symmetry: if there’s a tree on one side of a path, you can expect to see the exact same tree on the other side.

Notice the crisp, straight lines. Via garden-design-pictures.com

Plantings are always pruned neatly – boxwood is a popular pick for this. You’ll also see lots of straight lines and — if there are curves, they’re based on circles (not squiggly lines). One more thing: Formal Gardens often have a centered focal point like a pot or fountain that adds to symmetry.


See the symmetry in the garden design?


The focal point is centered in the middle of the garden. Via hilltowntreeandgarden.com


Basically, Formal Gardens are uncluttered and crisply defined — the complete opposite of a Cottage Garden.

So, does the Fomal Garden fit your personality? Answer these questions to find out:

  1. Is your home orderly, neat and clean?
  2. Are you an organized person?
  3. Do you have a subscription to Traditional Home Magazine? (If not, I highly recommend it!)

If you answered “yes” to at least two questions, Formal Style gardens might be the right style for you!


An organized and uncluttered home. Via Traditional Home


Order and symmetry are themes in this home. Via karenfrondesignlesson.com


This house has brick, which gives it a Colonial look. Via myhomeideas.com


Now, does the Formal Garden style fit your home? Answer these questions to find out:

  1. Is your home Victorian, Colonial or Ranch style?
  2. Is there a lot of symmetry to your house?

If you answered “yes” to these questions and the ones above, congrats — a Formal Style Garden is the style for you!

*Ready to start designing? Design your Formal Front Garden online today!

Also, stay tuned for our Formal Garden Photo Collection on Thursday.


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