Bonnie’s necessities for a desert garden (with some help from an AZ resident)

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While I’ve never actually lived in a desert, my mother-in-law lives in Carefree, Arizona (outside Scottsdale) and had some great advice to give me for this post. Here are her top three desert garden necessities:

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1.  In Arizona, the Kokopelli is huge! In many Native American cultures, Kokopelli is both the fertility deity and the spirit of music. He’s also thought of as being a jokester, and is the presider over childbirth and agriculture. Always holding a flute, the Kokopelli design is a fun accent that’s one of the biggest trends in Arizona gardens.

I love these rusted steel Kokopelli garden stakes by ArtByJack on Etsy — they’re sturdy and have a natural, modern look to them. Plus, since they’re steel, they’ll last forever! Get yours here >


2.  If you really want to get the most use out of your desert garden, you’ll want to enjoy it during the day and night. So it’s important to remember that even though it might get up to 105 in the afternoon, it will get nippy come nightfall. That’s why it’s important to have a stylish fireplace!

My favorite outdoor fireplaces right now are these ModFire fireplaces. With their high-temp clear coat finish, they can withstand the beating sun and the cool desert breeze. Get yours here >

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3.  Finally, if you live in a desert area, you most likely encounter the occasional sun-loving snake! So quite possibly the most important garden accessory you should have is a snake killing (or shooing-away) device.

Here’s an Arizona favorite that doesn’t involve bullets: an ergonomically designed flat spade. Easy for a man or woman to use, you can use the spade to direct that rattlesnake off of you deck or out from under your BBQ! (We’re obviously talking from experience here.) Get yours here >

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